How long does it take to complete my order for cake or Hachapuri?
It takes at least 2 (two) days. You have an option to select a date and a time your order to be completed.

Where can I get my order and When can I get my order?
You can get your order in Restaurant Georgian House (Hämeentie 62, 00500 Helsinki) everyday: 10.00-13.00, 14.00-17.00 and 19.00-22.00.
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Can I collect my order later then it was ordered?
Of course. You can collect your order later then it was indicated in your order. But not later than within 48 hours.

How to transport a cake in a car
Safest place for a cake in a car is a trunk of a car. We recommend store cakes in cold places and the period of the storage should not be over 2-3 days.
The customer accepts the appearance of the product at the time of collection.
We are not responsible for any cake damages as soon as order is collected.

Can I place some individual order or ask you to arrange a delivery?
We are always ready to consider individual wishes of our clients. We advise to use our contact form for such requests. Pls do not forget to put your phone number for getting in touch with you.

Which ingredients do you use?
We use only natural products making cakes: butter, eggs, flour and sugar. And we do not use ingredients like: margarine, artificial creams, powder eggs, food stabilizers and others artificial additives.

Can I cancel my order?
Unfortunately we do not return money for canceled orders.

How long do you store orders?
Storage time for our products is 48 hours only. Hachapuri is hot at collection time and could be reheated by your own.